Writing Advice: Which Topic Is The Best For An Analytical Essay?

The topic will largely determine the quality of your analytical essay. Unless you know how to choose a good topic, any other step you make will not add value to your research paper. With so many areas to base your analytical essay on, how do you determine the best topic?

  1. Knowledge of the subject
  2. Students are advised against choosing a topic from an area that they are not familiar with. This leads to difficulty during research and compilation of the paper. Consider the discipline you are studying, be it science, arts, language, etc and write the paper on the area. Inadequate knowledge of a topic means that you have to spend more hours researching. Some of the concepts might be difficult to understand on your own. This will compromise the quality of your work.

  3. Uniqueness of the topic
  4. Each discipline has topics that have been researched over and over. A lot of information is available in libraries and books to the point of boredom. Unless you have a unique and captivating perspective you wish to present, avoid a topic that is common. Choose words that signify a fresh approach or a unique angle that has not been studied. There are advances in each field of study which presents room for new ideas. Explore these ideas in a creative and proactive manner.

  5. Specific
  6. Academic disciplines are broad and present numerous options for analytical essay topics. However, you can only handle a single area at a time. Your topic should be as narrow as possible. This gives you the opportunity to expound and analyze the concept, process or idea you have selected with the depth it requires.

    A general topic denies you the chance to be detailed in your analysis. Shallow analysis will not fetch the good marks required for academic purposes. Such essays are not compelling to read.

  7. Availability of Information
  8. While you might have a catchy idea for your analytical essay, you need facts and materials for literature review to support your position. Failure to include such information reduces its academic value. Such sources must also be credible including journals, books and reliable academic websites. Failure to cite the sources of your information will turn the term paper into hearsay that cannot stand the test of academic judgment.

A good topic for your analytical essay must capture your target area or subject in a precise and unique way. It must arouse curiosity in the mind of the reader. It also must indicate the boundaries of your research paper.

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