Bipolar Disorder Essay for College

A college-level essay on bipolar disorder can be a difficult task to take on. The actual task of doing the essay isn't the difficult part; it's the research and actually understanding bipolar disorder. This also applies for any speech on mental disorders. Whether you've experienced such disorders personally, second hand through those close to you, through work, or never at all - the actual research and exploring this area of health and human relations can be a rewarding and exhausting one.

Below are tips to help you go about writing your essay on bipolar disorder:

  • Research bipolar causes, treatments, and symptoms.
  • Research the effects of bipolar disorder on the patient.
  • Research the effects of bipolar disorder on the patient's loved ones.
  • Make sure the reader gets an understanding of the disorder and explain how people should interact with people with this disorder.

Research Is Priority Number One

As you can see, this will require a lot of research before you even get into the actual task. This is extremely important as you're dealing with a subject of a medical nature. Medical issues deal in facts and stats and not opinions (which allow more freedom when it comes to writing) as it is meant to be informative.

Touch Your Points

Just like with an argumentative essay, you'll want to hit all your points. You want to dedicate enough time to each point to make sure all are evenly touched upon and that the reader gets the most information from that particular part of your essay.

Unlike an argumentative essay, you don't need to worry as much about dwelling too much on a particular subject. It helps to establish a flow for that part so that the rest of the essay keeps a good flow overall, but in this case it's not as important.

How to Integrate Info into Your Essay

With an informative essay about bipolar disorder - or any disorder - information is a top priority. With that established, you shouldn't worry about being too heavy handed with the facts and statistics. These are things the reader will need to know whether they are living with bipolar disorder or not.

In short, don't worry about bogging down your speech too much with information in this case. Remember, you're not arguing for or against bipolar disorder. The main thing here is that the reader gets the information and can absorb it through your writing. If you're able to be creative and bombastic in execution that's great, but it's not the top priority.

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