Step-By-Step Instruction For Writing A Great Academic Essay

There will be a lot of times when you will be expected to write an academic essay throughout your undergraduate and graduate programs. The instructors will ask you to write an essay on a wide variety of topics. Even though the topics may be different for every class, the basic idea of how to write a paper stays the same. Having step-by-step instructions for writing a great academic essay will help you pass your classes and take a lot of stress out of being in school.

  1. Choose a topic
  2. The first step will be to choose a relevant topic for your paper. If you do get the option to choose your own topic, it is imperative to choose one that is interesting and relevant to the class. If you have a choice to choose between a few topics, then you want to choose the one that you understand the most about. If you have no choice, then you can skip this step.

  3. Preliminary research
  4. Once you have a basic topic, you will start to do some research to narrow down a trend that you will want to talk about in your paper. You will need to be able to come up with a thesis and at least three strong supporting facts to prove your thesis so keep this in mind. You will draw a generalized conclusion about the topic that you have chosen and that's what you will write your paper about.

  5. Thesis statement
  6. The thesis statement is the main point of your paper. If you could summarize your paper in one sentence, this would be your thesis statement. It should state your main conclusion and the supporting facts.

  7. Outline
  8. Creating an outline is essential to the success of your paper. It will help you stay focused and focus your research on proving your thesis. The more detailed the outline is the better your paper will be.

  9. Research
  10. Come up with some solid evidence to prove each of your supporting topics. It is best to find two main facts to support each reason.

  11. Rough draft
  12. This is when you start putting your paper together. Compile your information.

  13. Proofread and Edit
  14. Now that you have your rough draft, it is time to proofread and edit. This should be a lengthy process where you look at each and every sentence. You look at the structure to make sure that it varies from the sentences around it and that the grammar and spelling are correct.

Once you have followed these steps, you should be ready to submit your final essay and it will be a great success.

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