Nutrition and the Elderly - Term Paper Sample

The elderly are a unique group in the society, and they require exceptional care and most importantly dependable nutrition. The lack of proper nutrition often subjects the elderly to a myriad of specific elderly problems. Such problems include poor vision, diabetes, high blood pressure, mood disorders, lack of sleep, tiredness, bone and muscle weaknesses, and digestion challenges. The lack of nutrition in the elderly is often hidden making it difficult to comprehend what is happening to them. The elderly are at a critical stage of life, which is characterized by slow cell regeneration and reduced levels of metabolism. Thus, providing the elderly with vitamins, irons, and minerals can help boost their nutrition. Vitamins, irons, and minerals are vital food supplements because they directly affect cellular functions and metabolism. Fruits are the main sources of unprocessed vitamins and minerals. For this reason, fruits form a significant component of elderly diet. Apart from fruits, the elderly should be given lots of fresh vegetables, plenty of water, and fiber. This can be achieved by developing a balanced diet plan.

Nutritional problems affecting the elderly can be prevented if their immediate families or institutions' care givers follow the required dietary diet plan. The elderly are unlikely to observe balanced dietary plans owing to their inactivity and poor memory. As a result, they require helpers to assist them meet their nutritional goals. In addition to providing a balanced diet, the elderly require peace of mind. Achieving the anticipated nutritional goals is likely to be hampered by mood and psychological disturbances. The rest of the family and other individuals who are directly or indirectly involved in taking care of the elderly should avoid subjecting the elderly to stressful conditions. This will significantly boost the nutritional and psychological well being of the elderly.

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