Taking a Look into the Criminal Mind

People develop the patterns of their thought over the course of their lives. These patterns begin as soon as we are ushered into the world and they continue as we grow and get older. As young people there are many moments in which the ways that we think are cemented in stone and affect the adult existence of people. Patterns of want, selfishness and all fear based emotions and actions lead to the development of the criminal mind but they can be changed when a person who is thinking this way creates a new paradigm of thought and realizes there are other choices.

Experience a Harsh Teacher

Many things that we learn from the past are out of our control. As the actions of our parents and the adults in our lives put young children in situations that are sometimes dangerous or even hurtful. Parents who are on drugs or have psychological issues can place their children in unsafe situations where neglect and abuse can take place. Young people who experience these traumatic events can develop pattern of thought which are narcissistic and antisocial. This is the beginning of the criminal mind and will lead to choice making that puts their experience first and others second.

Criminal Behavior

No matter what is said by some each thought that we entertain is a choice. Even if you had a difficult childhood there are chances to choose other thoughts and to live a life that is much more rewarding to yourself and to others. The criminal mind is generally going to put selfish actions first. The life is based on their experience of life, if they do not take care of personal needs than nobody else will. This justifies lying, cheating, stealing and hurting others physically. There are prisons full of people who simply choose to entertain thoughts of fear rather than equally simple to understand thoughts of love. It really comes down to the fact that people who are in prison do not know of any other way to think other than with a criminal mind.

How to change Thought

This is as difficult as an individual wants to make it. Many people cling to thoughts because they are all that they know and there is a comfort in what you know. At least you know that you can survive it. When things change there is a fear. However, changing a thought is as simple as switching off a light switch. What you focus on matters and builds either positive or negative energy and determines what existence you experience.

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