Suggestions for writing better argumentative essays

Essay writing is a process of writing that requires the evaluation of the topic on which you are going to develop an essay. There are many types of essays including personal essay, family essay, admission essay, application essay, school essay and argumentative essay.

Argumentative essay is the type of essay in which you have to evaluate the argument logically and critically provided to you in the title of essay. Argumentative essays comprise of an argument as its title or topic subject and you have to evaluate the argument in all essay.

The main purpose of argumentative essay is to analyze the critical and logical thinking and ability to evaluate an argument or proposal of essay developer.

Argumentative essay is a skillful essay and it requires a skill to accomplish it in an efficient manner.

This article is providing you with the list of suggestions that you can apply while writing your argumentative essays.


Before jumping to write your argumentative essay you must brainstorm before start writing it and you must plan about it with clarity in your mind.

Selection of topic:

After making a sketch in your mind about the essay, select a good topic for your essay. You must select the topic on which you have intellectual grip and which you think you can handle well while developing arguments about it.

Interesting & Unique:

The topic that you select for your essay should be very interesting and unique so that it may involve the readers.

Taking a Position:

Once you are done with your topic selection then you have to decide that what position you are going to take for this argument i.e. topic of your essay. Either you have to go for it or against it.

Logical Support:

Once you take a position about your argument then you have to evaluate it logically that why you have taken this position. You have to explain your arguments reasonably.

Evidence Gathering:

To support your side logically you need to gather evidences in support of your position. You can gather them by brainstorming, reading books and articles and adding factual information to your essay.


Once you are done with above mentioned steps in an argumentative essay then now you can start writing your essay.


Start writing your essay with introduction in which clear your stance by making a catchy thesis statement.


Conclude your essay with convincing conclusion.

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