Analysis of tourism market segments on nature-based tourism


As a result of globalization, tourism as a market to power the economies of most countries around the globe has taken new shape. Aggressive marketing for potential tourists in the competitive global markets requires new and strategic ideas, which are centered on client satisfaction. The focus on nature based tourism strategy as marketing campaign aims to gather knowledge on the pre visitation expectations of the potential tourists. The gathered information is there after segmented in various categories in order to meet the needs and expectations of the potential tourists.

Market segmentation

Nature based tourism relies mainly on the sampling of various experiences and activities in diverse ecosystems, cultures and regions. In order to attract more diverse tourists, a comprehensive market analysis on the sites and locations need to be advertised and there after it is used to showcase the country as the destination of choice to the potential tourists prior to their visitation.

Various motivations and expectations of the potential tourists are used to classify them into categories, which will offer maximum satisfaction in experiencing the desires of their expectations. The categories are segmented based on the tourists' pre choice expectations and motivation by online questionnaires.

The segmenting is based on the motivational choices, education, age, employment, gender, marital status, and number of activities desired. These variables are used to segment potential tourists into different groups in nature based holidays. A summary of the pre choice analysis underlines the basis of the recommendations to be made to the potential tourists, which inherently enhances the marketing of nature based tourism. The gathered information is analyzed for future reference and use in identifying opportunities that have not yet been maximized.

An aggressive marketing and advertising campaign should be carried out to showcase the strategically placed sites, locations and an ecosystem that forms the base of nature based tourism in the country. The current tourism market is extremely competitive, therefore, it is imperative to widen the scope of marketing and include modern advertising tools like the internet.


The tourism industry is currently facing many challenges as a result of globalization, which has introduced new travel patterns, health issues, and changing demographics. In order to address the emerging challenges, nature based tourism has to come up with innovative ideas counter the effects of an internationalized market so that the industry can reap the benefits of a globalized world. Nature based tourism is the fastest growing industry in the world; therefore it requires a lot of attention for its contribution in the economy of most countries.

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