A guide for creating effective essays

Writing an effective essay that will earn you good grades and impression is not as hard as it is perceived by students. Essay writing has its own demands. First you must know why is essay writing so important and why it is so important to write essays in college and universities and even for admission. Essays depict your knowledge, style, skills, motivation and inspiration all in words. Essay is your reflection before examiner who is going to assess you on that essay. So the essay is more about you instead of words and sentences. So, in order to create an effective essay, you must follow a few tips.

  • Write genuine:
  • Always write in your genuine way. Do not forcibly adopt some style just to impress the reader. You can write effectively only when you write in your natural way. Adopting some different style of writing makes you detached from the whole essay.

  • Knowledge accumulation:
  • You can represent your knowledge in the best way only when you know where and how to present it. Try to accumulate and remember all the information that you have regarding your essay topic.

  • Choose essay structure that suits you:
  • Choose the essay structure that goes with your style of writing and also that suits your topic. For example if you or your topic can best describe in narrative style then choose narrative style.

  • Choose topic which interests you:
  • Do not choose any topic unless it interests you. Topic which attracts your attention will give your motivation. Or you can find motivation in the topic. Motivation is very necessary for essay to write. It gives you reason for writing and essay writing is no more the difficult task then.

  • Add some research and facts:
  • You should also try to add some research findings or facts and figures about your topic. It gives strength and realistic aspect to the essay. Find the relevant facts which support your view point. It is sometimes also good to discuss the negative aspects or opposing arguments on the topic as they make essay unbiased for the reader.

  • Present your thesis statement in the beginning:
  • You must present your thesis as a statement in the beginning of the essay. That statement should be clear and strong. You have got whole essay to prove it through further arguments and build a whole supporting essay for your statement.

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