Occupy movement

The Occupy movement, commonly called "Occupy" is a globally-operating movement dedicated to fighting the ills of economic and social inequality. It was founded on the 17th of September in 2011, following the protests done at the Zuccotti Park in New York. The triggering events that led to the formation of the movement had started some months earlier in Spain, and in particular from the activities of the Indignados movement dedicated to challenging the problems of welfare cuts, unemployment and unfavorable economic strategies (Van Gelder 1). Through this paper, the writer will explore the working, composition, nature and the characteristics of the occupy movement in its various aspects.

The movement adopted a goal similar to that of the parent movement - Indignados - that challenges the social and the economic problems that affect the people of the respective countries. The Occupy movement was also formed with similar goals, including those of addressing the problems related to the political and the economic relations of citizens with the authorities in power, in order to improve the power and influence of the grassroots. The movement works through local groups; the groups will have more focused goals and strategies, some of them related to the marginalization created by the global financial system and large corporations. The marginalization perpetuated by these organizations and authorities marginalizes the masses at the expense of the minority, through undermining the democracy of societies, increasing instability and using the masses to the advantage of the elite class.

The movement has remained highly active in the US, but its power and protests have been held in many other countries, and the increasing influence of the movement compelled national authorities to use force to interrupt the movement's activities in 2011. The interruption of the activities of the movement became evident after its camps began to be uprooted, except the high profile centers in London and Washington. The outlook of the Occupy movement has also been inspired by the Tea Party movement and the Arab Spring, all of which triggered a democratic awakening. Further, starting from the late 2011, the movement yielded the support of governmental institutions, including the Los Angeles city Council and later the Bank of England, and this could be a boost its global reach.

The occupy movement is a globally operating protest movement that challenges the wide range of social and economic problems found in society. Started in 2011, the movement operates in many countries, irrespective of the attempts by governments to shut their operations. The beginning of the movement could be attributed to the Spanish movement; Indignados and the events of the Arab spring. More recently, the movement has received support from governmental institutions, which is likely to strengthen its reach.

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