A Guide to Problem/Solution Essays

Different types of essays and writing work lead us to get as much knowledge as we could. The basic purpose of writing such essays is to guide us in a rather more effective way. Thus, such essays should be written at every stage of your education. This would not only help you to broaden your academic level, but also it would help you knowing how to find the solutions of your problems in an efficient way.

Problem/solution articles are those articles that draw your attentions toward the solutions of a problem. It could be a problem relative to anything around you. There would be the introduction of the essay with the problem description. After that, you would be going to read the solution to the problem based on the research work of the problem/solution essay writer. If you want to work as a problem/solution essay writer, you need to broaden your mind in a sense to find the solutions of certain problems rather more effectively.

Always remember to mention the following things when writing a problem/solution article:

  1. Standards
  2. First thing that you should keep in your mind while writing a problem/solution essay is to focus on the problem description. Tell your reader what the problem is all about. This would be your first standard after opening such kinds of essays. Try to be realistic to the problem in order for the audience to absorb the difficult stages of the problem quite easily. This would be your pure skills that how you manage to describe a complex problem in a simpler tone in front of your audience.

  3. Point-of-view
  4. After describing the problem efficiently, you ought to add you personal point-of-view regarding the problem. It could be some incidences, experiences, stories or anything like that related to the problem. Moreover, you can also add your personal feelings about that very problem; but nevertheless, you should try to maintain your constructive approach towards your problem.

  5. Findings
  6. Add what you have found or researched about the problem, so far. This would help the readers to understand that this kind of research has been done regarding this problem.

  7. Analysis
  8. Analyze your problem along with your point-of-view and findings in your analysis part. Try to be more generic. Focus on the analytical parts of your problem.

  9. Solution
  10. Here it is. In the end, you would add a solution to your problem based upon the above-mentioned points. Your solution should be a step forward. Try to give a solution that would really help the audience.

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