Finding strong arguments for your essay

Finding a strong argument for your essay can be a difficult task for any writer of a persuasive essay. Finding an argument for your essay takes a few key steps. First is finding a topic, next is doing the research and finally is drawing on any past experiences and actually writing the argument and formatting the essay for the argument. All these steps will create a strong essay and finding the strongest arguments creates the strongest essays. It is easy to fall into many traps along the way, but it is possible to create a successful strong persuasive argument.

Finding a topic

Finding a strong argument starts with a topic. Pick a topic that interests you and then specify the topic so that you can have a focused argument for your essay. If you are too vague on a topic it could lead to an argument that is vague and can seem almost like common sense with no meaning behind it to convince the reader. Pick a topic that both interests you can be inspired to research the paper more thoroughly and will make more of an effort to argue your side.


Research your topic thoroughly so that your argument is both valid and has credibility. If there is no evidence for your argument, it is weak and you may want to reconsider your argument or the side you have chosen to write about. There is very little validity in an argument that has no research to back it up. Draw on past experiences as well, include interviews from personal resources to back up your personal experiences along with research and that can also make your argument stronger and more interesting for the audience. Do not include many opinions as they can dilute your argument, making it weaker and make it seem less credible. Facts are the most important in an argument and being as concise as possible is important.

In conclusion

Research, drawing on past experiences, and picking the right topic are all important in finding a strong argument. The wrong topic can make your argument weaker and less valid, lack of research or too many opinions will weaken an argument. if you see yourself falling into these traps or you find your argument can not be sufficiently backed up, it may be necessary to change your topic or side of the argument you are on so that you can be more successful in your argument.

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