Gap Year

What is a gap year? Some people might ask themselves. Well, a gap year is a year that is taken off from academic study in order to figure out what that person wants to do with his or her life. This year is traditionally taken in the year following high school and prior to college. The purpose is to explore one's options for careers and see what is going to be the best route for the student to take. There are torn views on how people feel about the act of taking a year off after high school. Some people feel as though it is necessary to get one's head on straight about what he or she wants to focus on when it is time to go to college. Others think it is a waste of time and that idea could be figured out when one is actually in college.

The people who find value in taking a gap year between high school and college are very adamant about the significance of the year. These people see the value in trying out a career before he or she goes off to college to build up debt and bills. This year is intended to give the student the time necessary to figure out what is important to him or her and put a plan in place for his or her career goals. This is not intended to be a year of sleeping in all day and not doing anything productive. On the other side, the people who do not see the value in a gap year are very insistent on the act of going directly to college after high school is completed. There is a lot to be said about taking the traditional route to achieve the desired results; however, it is not mandatory. There are plenty of students who get accepted to colleges after taking a year off. Furthermore, the student can apply to programs and then ask to push back the starting year of the program. This is not a delay in the entire education process.

When students are considering taking a gap year, it is important that the student understand the point of doing so. This is not a year to take off from productivity entirely. In fact, the gap year can often be more challenging that just going to school as a first year. You will have a lot of thinking to do as a gap year student in order to figure out the best plan of attack for your education.

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