Coming Up With Decent Grade 9 Descriptive Essay Topics

There are many type of papers which are required to be submitted by students at all levels, whether be it school, college or university. Amongst the wide variety one of the most popular one is called the descriptive papers. These are probably the easiest as well as the most interesting to write. Such essays involve much less research compared to the rest and are more personal in nature.

Although at the same time, such essays are challenging in their own way. Descriptive writings demand a lot of close attention to details. Details of sound, sight, smell, taste and touch are all called upon by descriptive writings. Such writings can be about anything under the sun, from persons to animals, places or even events. What is to be kept in mind while writing it is not what you write but rather how you write it and how you go about describing the details. The writing needs to appeal to the reader's five senses and evoke their emotions.

Tips to write descriptive essays

  • Choose the topic wisely

This is the very first step of writing anything. Often topics are allotted by the schools to the students in advance but many a times the students have to choose their own topics from the given field. This can become a quite a challenge for them as they have to narrow down their list and select the most appropriate one. The topic of a descriptive writing should be such with which the writer has a connection with. The more passion the writer has for the topic the more he can express his emotions and impress the audience.

Some topics for descriptive essays are:

  • Dream home
  • Favourite vacation spot
  • Childhood memory
  • Inspirational person
  • Life changing experience
  • A stranger
  • First love
  • New city experience
  • Favourite sport
  • A day well spent
  • Haunted house

Imagination and creativity

After the selection of the essay topic, one needs to brainstorm a lot of ideas to make it interesting. Creativity and imagination is all open to descriptive writings. And most important is the organisation of the entire writing into paragraphs. An appropriate coordination of paragraphs and sentences is what makes an essay worth reading.

To sum it up if the above steps are followed while writing a descriptive essay, then any student can easily secure a decent grade of 9 in his academics.

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