Consulting Professionals on How to Write an Effective Persuasive Essay

When writing a persuasive essay, you can pretend that you're a lawyer that has to make the jury believe the statement. This will help you get into the right mood to create a paper that will impress your professors.

In case this is your first persuasive essay, you should consult a professional to get some tips on how to make it more effective. You can talk to your professors, or get an online consultation from a custom writing service.

Five Steps of Persuasive Essay Writing

The most effective method of writing a truly good persuasive essay consists of the following five steps:

  • Prewriting:
  • During this phase, you will need to plan the structure and contents of the essay. This means that you will need to do research that is necessary to understand the subject, choose your position, and decide on the arguments you will use to prove your point of view. You will also need to research your audiences. Determine their interests and personal positions. This way, you will be able to choose more effective arguments.

    The last part of the prewriting phase is selecting the evidence to go with your arguments, and developing the counter-arguments your opponents may use. You will need to incorporate them in your essay, and break them out before any opponent gets a chance to weaken your position.

  • Drafting:
  • At this stage, you will need to write the first draft of the essay. It must contain the following parts: an introduction, at least two body paragraphs that focus on your arguments and evidence (one argument per paragraph), a paragraph dedicated to the opposing views, and a conclusion.

    Bear in mind that you must state your position very clearly in the thesis statement, at the very beginning of the paper. You also need to avoid using a lot of complicated terms and professional jargon. A persuasive essay must be written in a clear language that will be easy to understand for everyone, regardless of anyone's professional specialization.

  • Revising:
  • During this part of the process, you will need to reread the essay and modify it in a way to make the arguments clearer and more convincing. Make sure that every paragraph delivers the point it's designed to make.

  • Editing:
  • This stage mainly involves proofreading the essay in order to fix any grammatical or spelling mistakes you might have missed.

  • Publishing/Presenting:
  • You need to decide on the most effective way you can present your essay to the class or public, and prepare to defend your points and arguments.

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