Several Simple Ways to Start Off an Essay

Staring at the blinking cursor on you Word document can be frustrating and trying to think of the right way to start an essay can be extremely difficult if you don't know the right way to start one. When you start off an essay, you want it to get the reader to keep reading by grabbing their attention and holding it for the entire essay.

Ways to Start Your Essay

  • Tell the reader your thesis but make it brief and direct. You don't want to use phases like, this essay is about and so on in the beginning of your essay. This is boring and lazy; you know how to write better than that.

  • Raise a question to the essay on the subject and answer it for them. This starts the reader off thinking and pondering what your essay is about.

  • Find a fact about the subject of your essay and use that as your opening for you essay. This tells the reader that you did your research and gives them information in a fun way. The fact should be something that is interesting and not a well-known fact.

  • Use your thesis to present a recent discovery. This can be something that you learned while you were doing your research that you are basing your essay on.

  • If your essay is about a place, you can describe that place in your opening paragraph to tell the reader about the place. If you do this, make sure you make the description captivating and paint them a descriptive picture.

  • Use an event that amplifies your subject. This can be an incident or event that is relevant to your subject.

  • You can use a narrative to delay the identification of your subject. This is kind of like in a horror movie; they build up the suspense before they have the killer jump out and scare you. You can do this by starting a description of something that you might feel or see in the subject. Like if you are doing an essay on a type of bird, you can describe it to the reader before you tell them what it is.

  • You can use humor to start your essay; this can be a joke, riddle, or a quote that will give the reader a laugh. This will entertain them and make them want to press on in your essay.

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