How to Use an Online Writing Service the Right Way?

There is no right or wrong way to use online writing services. There's only so much you can do with the site before it's out of your hands for a while until it comes down to customer review (you) to see what else needs to be added or taken out. Other than that, the power is largely out of your hands as to how to use the service.

Basics of the Process

Using an online writing service is pretty straightforward. You'll go into the site knowing what paper you need written, what kind of paper, and the time window it's due in. This means you've already knocked out roughly 50% to 60% of the actual order form process. That's the actual meat of filling out the form.

The Form

The online writing service's form has a simple layout where you just fill in the spaces. The areas are usually:

  • Contact information
  • Type of essay
  • Number of pages required
  • Subject
  • Specific Topic
  • Quality of writer/Academic level
  • Cited works required
  • Notes
  • Time window

There are also some optional features such as proofreading that you can pay for. The actual meat of the price comes from the quality of writer/academic level of the writer or essay to be written, the type of essay, and number of pages. The level and type of essay sets the base price while the number of pages multiplies that price to give you the price you'll have to pay. The time window that the paper is needed in will bump the price up accordingly. 
So something such as a dissertation that is needed in 48 hours, will need to be 12 pages, and done at a PhD level could run you for hundreds of dollars depending on the service's pricing style.

Reducing the Price

Since an online writing service holds most of the power in the process, there's no way to negotiate the prices to something workable. You can hope that the site has a discount going on, but other than you're stuck with the prices that the sites offer. This is a case of shopping around to see who has a solid pricing. This can be done by using their order form and seeing what pricing would be for your paper.

Remember, use some review sites to see the reputation of an online writing service before putting money down.

Why do we help students

Years ago, we have all been college students too. We know how hard it is to combine campus and academic life and receive high marks for writing assignments at the same time. We also know that only a few students can afford to pay top dollar to have their papers written by professional custom writing companies. This resource is free and we hope you will polish your writing skills with our help.

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