Brainstorming Easy Topics For Narrative Essays

Some people argue that a narrative essay is the easiest type of essay to write. You may not agree. But one of the benefits of a narrative essay is that often you don't need to do a lot of research. You see a narrative essay is really a story about you. It's about an opinion you have or how you react or respond to something. That sounds easy. I mean what do you think of a particular trend in fashion or music or politics? It should be easy to you to give your opinion and if you write well then you will have created a good narrative essay.

But even though writing about yourself or your ideas or thoughts can seem to be straightforward, it's always good to get an unusual or unique slant on your storytelling. And one of the best ways to develop ideas is to try brainstorming. This as you probably know is a simple exercise. You can do it by yourself but brainstorming with one or more people can generate even more ideas. As simple as it sounds, brainstorming has worked for millions in so many ways. You see you really don't know what's tucked away inside your brain until you give yourself some prompts. Once you start to brainstorm a topic, even one about yourself, ideas pop out you might otherwise never have considered. And ideas are what makes a narrative essay come alive.

You come up with a topic and then you immediately notate any word or words or ideas which come into your mind as a result of hearing or seeing that particular topic. Once you have exhausted your ideas, you go through your list and use those ideas which seem relevant to your narrative essay. Ideas which don't seem relevant are discarded.

So here are some essay topics which you could use as a narrative essay. Remember that even though the topic may appeal, you can expand on your writing ideas by brainstorming the topic.

  • If I could be an animal this is who I would be.
  • If I could live anywhere in the world, this is where I would live.
  • I once had a very frightening experience.
  • There is one secret which nobody knows about my life.
  • If I could be a time traveller I would like to go back or forward to this particular time.

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