Term Paper Help: Organize Your Supporting Points

Many students believe that writing is a type of skill that some people possess and others don't. This is simply not true. Any student can produce a well-written term paper if he or she knows what steps to follow. A major aspect of this is organizing your supporting points so that you can write a well-developed paper.

Know the Three Essay Components.

There are three main parts to a term paper: a thesis, body paragraphs containing your supporting argument, and a conclusion. Your thesis statement should be a clear and concise sentence that answers the question, "What's the point of this paper?" You can't start writing until you've identified what it is you will be arguing. Supporting points are the major pieces of evidence you have found in support of your thesis. If you find yourself having a hard time finding supporting evidence then it's a good idea to rethink your thesis. Your conclusion you want to reiterate your thesis and summarize your supporting points. It should also connect each of your points so that your reader understands how your paper ties together.

Create Your Outline.

The best way to organize and structure your term paper is by creating an outline. Simple 5-paragraph outlines are common and simple to make, and they help you view your supporting points and evidence in a way that allows you to think about logic. You might see, for instance, that a supporting point doesn't have nearly as much supporting evidence as you hoped. It's much easier to think about changing some of your arguments at this point than it is after you start writing your first drafts.

Write Your Drafts.

Once you're satisfied with the structure of your outline you can begin writing. As you follow your outline you will find that most of the hard work is behind you. Follow your outline through each level. You will be able to stay on topic. Occasionally, you may find that your argument will be better served if you reorganize your outline. It's a good idea to keep writing whenever this occurs and to look for ways to rearrange in your later drafts. The end result will be a cohesive and well-written essay.

Writing term papers isn't as difficult as some people believe, especially not when you take the time prepare and organize your supporting points in a clear way. As you write more and more papers you will encounter several topics you have never written on before, but if you follow the same steps each time, you will be well on your way to writing excellent term papers.

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