Searching For Free Examples Of Descriptive Essays

As the name suggests a descriptive essay describes something. That something could be a person, an event, a place or a thing. Students who get very high marks for their descriptive essays are students who are well-organized, well-prepared and who stick to the formula. Mind you there are lots of little tips along the way as far as your writing is concerned. The age old adage that you should show and not tell always applies to a descriptive essay. Here is an example.

You could tell the reader the following. The old man had a big, bushy beard and was not a tidy person. You could show the reader that same situation by writing as follows. His beard doubled as a serviette with lots of food crumbs therein. It is always better to describe something in your descriptive essay in such a way that you engage the imagination of the reader. Painting the picture that way allows the reader or viewer to fill in the colours.

Where to find examples of descriptive essays

If you want to get better at writing a descriptive essay, one proven method is to find examples of well written descriptive essays and study them for their structure and content. One of the best ways to improve your writing technique is to see how other successful students have done it.

Going online and looking for samples of descriptive essays is the logical major step. You will find far more examples online than in your college library. There are any number of educational institution websites as well as many academics who freely publish the work of their students. The work is not there for you to copy and use as part of your own contribution. The work is there for you to see how skilfully the students collected information, provided the proper format for their descriptive essay and then using a well-structured plan wrote a brilliant piece of work.

If you want to get better at writing a descriptive essay, discover how others have done it before you. Obviously you will help yourself enormously if you choose the right topic. It's right if it's a topic you want to write about or better still have a passion for. Check with your teacher or professor to see that your chosen topic has not been written about by significant numbers of other students. Then, using the standard procedure of looking for research material, creating a plan and then a first draft, you are well on the way to writing a top quality descriptive essay.

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