Essay writing ideas: how to avoid grammar mistakes

Since students are often very reluctant to open their minds to learning about grammar, it is easy to understand why students make so many grammar mistakes. One of the best ways for students to avoid making grammar mistakes is to open their minds and ears so they can begin to learn about grammar. The other way to avoid making grammar mistakes is to read as much as possible.

Be Aware of Grammar Usage in What You Read

Learning to avoid grammar mistakes happens when students become mindful of grammar and the patterns of writing. There are only so many sentence formulas and students need to be able to recognize them. They should look for sentences that start with phrases, so they can see how good writers construct them. It is also a good idea to look for sentences with semi-colons, colons, and advanced use of commas. As students look at good writing, they can use sentences they see as templates and models for their own writing.

Use an Online Grammar Checker

Another good way to make essays free of grammar mistakes is to use online grammar checkers. In most cases, grammar checkers are free. They will not correct the errors, but they will identify them. Some grammar checkers ask about the grade level of the writer, the type of writing the piece is, and other pertinent information. Once the grammar checker finishes checking the essay, it will provide a report. You will need to look at the report and make the changes that you deem necessary. In order to make the best choices, it is a good idea to understand the changes the grammar checker is suggesting. The grammar checker uses a formula to find errors; your essay is not edited by a person.

Use a Word Processing System That Checks Grammar

Where you type your essay also helps you avoid grammar errors. There are some word processing programs that will highlight grammar errors. There are some that do not highlight grammar errors. The ones that do recognize grammar errors have gotten much better at identifying real errors.

Edit from the End to the Beginning

There is another way to identify grammar errors: doing your own editing. Since most people have difficulty seeing their own errors if they read from start to finish, it is best to read from finish to start. Read one sentence at a time from the end of the paper to the beginning and you should be able to find the errors. This "backwards" reading will give you fresh eyes when you look at your paper, so you can actually see the mistakes instead of skimming over them.

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