Composing A Child Obesity Problem Solution Essay: Tips And Tricks

Writing a good great child obesity problem solution essay requires you to clearly state a problem followed by a detailed solution (your thesis) that you propose is above all others. You could say this is a king of argumentative paper writing assignment. But there are a few differences you should be aware of. Here are some tips and tricks to know when composing this kind of assignment:

  • Organize Your Content
  • Before you get started with composing your child obesity assignment you want to spend ample time in organizing your content. By this we mean that you should know the different parts of your paper. You should have three distinct parts: the problem, the solution, and a refutation. Write down some ideas for each of these parts and you'll have a more defined and organized view of what you plan to do.

  • Prewrite Your Essay
  • There are several strategies or techniques for prewriting this or any kind of assignment. This tip might involve creating both an outline and conducting a free-write. Both documents should be detailed and provide a good overview of all the content you will include. When creating an outline, make sure you provide an entry for every piece of evidence you have in support of your argument. This will help you access it more easily.

  • Develop a Strong Thesis
  • Once you have your first draft composed you can work towards developing a strong thesis. Your solution (thesis statement) shouldn't just be a line or two providing your opinion. You should have ample evidence to use as support, and your thesis should reflect this. Consider your audience and the scope of your project. Your thesis should argue for either a single way to solve the problem or the urgency to do so.

  • Explain Your Solution Thoroughly
  • The first few body paragraphs should get right into the meet of your solution by explaining it in detail. Go point by point and provide your evidence within each body paragraph. It's a good idea to keep things as simple as possible, especially when discussing a sensitive topic like child obesity. Your evidence should come from medical or social resources, just make sure its current and relevant to your topic.

  • Revise, Proofread, and Edit
  • Lastly, all good papers are thoroughly revised, proofread, and edited. Preferably, you should give yourself plenty of time to do each of these things separately with time off in between so that you can approach each stage with a set of fresh eyes. You may even want some help from a friend or colleague to make sure you don't miss any mistakes.

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