Formatting A Personal Letter In Under An Hour

While emails and text messages are the popular mode of correspondence between adults in today's world, personal letters are still used in a variety of instances. These letters are between two adults, or two friends, who are not discussing any formal business matters. Personal letters are different than personal business letters, and are vastly different from business letters.

Many people mistake the various types of letter formats and group them all together in one with various elements taken from each. Additionally, they may think that a personal letter will be a long endeavor. Fortunately, once you know the layout of a personal letter, and have what you want to write in mind, you can easily complete the task in well under an hour! Check out the guide below to learn how to craft an efficient and warm personal letter in under an hour!

Who are these letters directed towards?

The obvious recipient of a personal letter is another person. These are not formal business letters so strict formality does not need to be adhered to in this format. Here are a few examples of personal letter correspondence:

  • Letter between family members
  • Letter between friends
  • Letter between acquaintances
  • Letter between coworkers

How to format these letters correctly

If you were drafting a letter to your boss, or sending a proposal to another business regarding a deal, improperly formatted letters could make you look unprofessional and uneducated. Fortunately there are no real consequences for improperly formatting your personal letters, other than perhaps a wounded pride for appearing unknowledgeable.

Below is an example of how a personal letter should be formatted.

September 21, 2013

Hi Jamie,

First paragraph begins here under the salutation. This should contain the common pleasantries that are expected, such as "How have you been?" or "how are the kids doing?". This paragraph should contain a variety of nice questions directed towards the recipient, and the more you know them, the more detailed they should be.

Next paragraph(s) should contain the meaning of the letter. This is the main reason why you are writing to them and may take up even several pages!

Last paragraph before the closing should contain well wishes, promises of getting together soon, and requests for a response if you want one! Even if you wished your friend well throughout the body of the letter, it is always a lovely way to close a personal letter.

Sincerely/Warm wishes/Cheers,


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