Composing A Reflective Essay: Tips For Medical Students

A reflective essay is one that discusses the progress of an individual through a certain experience. It usually explains how the individual grew as a result of this particular experience. As medical students, you have many experiences you can reflect on shouldn't have any problems composing a reflective essay on one of those experiences. The following tips will help you write a great reflective essay.

  • Use one to three sentences to describe the experience, lesson, or lab you want to create your essay on. This is an opportunity to communicate with your teacher on how you think you did grasping the material. Maybe you want to talk about your first surgery if you are a medical student. In this example, describe in 3 sentences or less what your experience was during that surgery. Be as descriptive as possible.
  • The paper should be written in the first person. Everyone knows this is a personal experience.
  • Discuss what you thought was going to happen during this experience. Talk about how you thought you were going to react to the situation. This should take place in your introduction.
  • Think of a few specific things that may have stood out during your experience. In this case, what happened during the surgery that sticks in your mind?
  • Now that you have your specific things, describe how you reacted to these special events. How did they affect you? Try and be as detailed as possible about how you were feeling. This should be done in the body of your paper.
  • Make sure you relate to the audience how this experience affected the way you think about the course of study as a result. Did it clarify any questions you may have had about the procedure before seeing it in person? Did it change the way you think about your career at all? How have you changed as a result of viewing this surgery?
  • Your conclusion should describe how you think you have grown as a result of this experience. In this case, how did the surgery make you a better student? How did this even help you become a better medical professional? What inside you has changed as a result of viewing this surgery?

As a medical student, composing a reflective essay can be very enlightening. You may be making big life decisions because of these experiences. Maybe you are deciding on what field of medicine you are going into. These experiences will guide you down different roads. You have to evaluate each one and make decisions based on those evaluations. A reflective essay can end up being more help to you than just the grade you will receive.

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