A list of brand new topic ideas for persuasive essays

Persuasive essays

Persuasive essays are one of the most interesting essays in the world. They are a little subtle tone of argumentative essays. You do not have to be defensive or imposing but you need to be passionate about your topic.

Unique topics for persuasive essays

If you are having a hard time choosing the right topic for your essay then you certainly need some help. Here is a list of fresh topics that you can use for your essay. You may not like all of them but you might actually find some topic that meets your requirements. It is not necessary that you use these topics as it is, you can rephrase and edit any topic according to your preferences.

  1. Mice are not a cute pet to keep. They make irritating noises and may even harm you.
  2. Not all animals can be tamed as pets. Some of them are not your loyal friends and will leave you the day they find a chance.
  3. Movies have a long lasting effect on an individual's thinking and behavior.
  4. There is no substitute to a good book, nothing can replace the aura of papers, the feel and touch of a book cover and the fantasy that begins with the first page.
  5. Yoga is a cure for all diseases and problems related to health, body, mind and sou.l
  6. Businesses need to cooperate with similar businesses in the industry to run smooth operations, however, this creates a monopoly that is not ideal for the consumers.
  7. People expect you to treat them the way you want to be treated. If you respect and love people you will get it in return. However, undeserved care and too much love can make people for granted.
  8. Teddy bears like Mr. snuggles play a role of an invisible friend for most of the people even when they grow up. The significance of this friend diminishes when a person enters a relationship.
  9. States should work on offering free Wi-Fi facility and internet zone to all the dwellers, this can create more opportunities for self employed individuals and a better economy with increased buying power.
  10. Being a doctor needs a lot of hard work but it does not pay off in the end. Doctors have to stay up through nights, treat all kinds of people with patience and still do not make enough money as other professions.

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