An academic tutorial on how to write an APA format essay

If you are writing a paper in APA format you may need an academic tutorial. APA is one of many formats used in the academic setting. It stands for the American Psychological Association. This group is the group responsible for creating it. The purpose of this format is to offer a single format and styling guide that everyone can use in the field of behavioral and social science. This enables all published documents and academic research papers to be filed and categorized in a cohesive manner. It also makes everything look uniform and otherwise professional.

Many students will be asked the write a paper in APA format at some point in the duration of their academic career. It is important to note that APA does not mean you have to write a certain way. It is more a way for formatting what you write. If you are writing a regular research paper nothing drastically changes compared to writing a research paper in APA format.

The biggest difference in APA format is that it contains an abstract at the beginning. This abstract is a short and concise blurb that describes everything in the paper including the results and conclusion. It should be no more than two hundred words for a standard research paper.

When you begin writing your paragraphs you must start with a topic sentence for each. Note that this only applies to the body paragraphs and not to the introduction or the conclusion. Your topic sentence should show the reader what direction your next paragraph will take. It should act as a road map for their reading journey.

Your content should show connections. You need clear intentions and logic which you can do by using the simplest words as connectors. Pronouns will keep focus on the ideas that you originally introduced in the paragraph. You can link these pronouns to specific nouns. You should though avoid being repetitious. If you use the same pronoun too often it will not serve its purpose.

Review the sample topics below to see if you find anything on which you want to write:

  • Should cell phones be integrated as an educational tool?
  • Should sports teams no longer be allowed to use Native American mascots?
  • Should colleges promote wellness programs financially in lieu of sports programs?
  • Should cheerleading be considered a sport?
  • What is the social impact of a sports star coming out as gay?

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