The Grimms' Tales In Comparison To Andersen's Tales

Grimms' tales and Anderson's Tales have been compared against one another for years with many people claiming they find it hard to select which one is their favorite. It often depends on which fairy tales you are referring to as both provided plenty of imagination, emotion and unique connections many people have grown to appreciate. Yet, understanding differences between each can provide further insight on how they were created and how they are perceived by the general public. In many cases, Andersen's tales are seen as being sadder in nature than Grimms'.

Some people have yet to learn differences of each writer as they can provide further insight on how and why their works are commonly compared. It has been mentioned that Grimms' complied folk tales and did not actually create them from scratch. Then others argue Andersen created a large number of original tales but they were based on earlier versions. So, some of the fairy tales people have grown to love may not have been original pieces of work from with writer. Others feel there is not a need to compare the two since there is nothing to compare, or is there?

Grimms' and Andersen have been credited with bringing certain concepts to light in regards to folk tales and fairy tales. A detail many people are not familiar with includes the original origins of various fairy tales we have come to love in modern society. Many of them were altered or had information omitted to make it family-friendly or to make it easier to adapt to current times. Some details left out were shocking upon discovery. But Andersen and Grimms' provided insight on the tales that was closer to their original development. While Grimms' fairy tales seemed sadder in nature, others thought Andersen's versions were more relative in providing useful information.

There were folk tales and fairy tales that did not provide full meaning of their context and later on as it was adopted by other writers it was conformed to have a certain image it did not in the past. This is part of the concept in which people feel it can be difficult to honestly compare the writers and their work. There are people that wonder why things were changed and left out; it may have changed the meaning of the context the writer wanted people to know originally.

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