Finance Term Papers: Conducting Your Analysis

If you are a finance student, then you have a lot of analysis to do. One of the key themes in finance papers is SWOT analysis. In order to do SWOT analysis successfully, you must know a few things. Financial analysis is basically determining a company's performance. In other words, financial analysts help comprehend any company's strengths, weaknesses, and current performance. To write a successful financial paper, you must follow the below mentioned steps:

  • Company's financial details: For instance if you are doing a SWOT analysis of Mc Donald's, then you will have to gather information regarding the company. You will have to have a detailed record of the company's working. How can you get access to this information? You can find these in the case study that is presented to you or you may find it in the databases or the company's 10K filing. Your focus should be on the company's balance sheet, income statements, cash flow and shareholder details.
  • Scan through the major details: You must look for something suspicious in the company's details. You might also like to reflect upon the performance of the company and see if the fixed assets have grown or fallen dramatically within the past year. Moreover, you might like to determine whether the company's revenues increased or decreased within the past year. This information is of significance as it will enable you to write the paper you desire.
  • Review extra notes: While gathering information on the company's details, you might like to review some additional details that will help connect the dots regarding the performance of the company.
  • Balance sheet examination: You must look at the balance sheet in considerable detail. The balance sheet will offer you clues to how the company has been growing over the past 3-5 years. Whether the company's shares have gone down or their value has increased, all this can be determined through the balance sheet. You might like to focus on the balance sheet for any extra details that you might find.
  • Income statement should be given value: You will find two pieces of information through your income
  • statement. This includes sales and profits or earnings. By determining the total sales and the resulting profits, your company's overall value could be calculated. Therefore, income statements are of immense significance in analysis.

Finally, after collecting all the information, you will begin writing your analysis. After a thorough analysis, you are now ready to embark on final writing.

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