Essays on adoption: how to stay respectful?

With any essay, even ones that aren't written on controversial topics, it's a good idea to respect all the people and cultures being talked about. This can be an issue for some essays about adoption. There are a lot of questions that can be raised that some people might not want asked. When you're thinking about doing an essay like this, you have to be even more careful with your research. Be more thorough, dig deeper, and always check your sources. Those steps are important with any research, but especially so with this kind of subject matter. When you want to make sure you haven't left anything out or made any mistakes, you can follow these steps.

Doing Good Research for Your Essay

No matter what topic it is, there are a few techniques you can use for any essay to make your research efforts go farther and yield more results. If you are going to start at the library, it's a lot easier to authenticate sources. Books or journal articles that are published have the author's research at the end of the work, typically. As for documentaries, there should be a website you can visit or some other information along with the disc.

If you plan on doing most or even just one source of your research online, the method is a bit more complex. Since anyone on the internet can say anything they want, you have no idea what is true and what is made up. One way you can do this is to start at this site has a lot of different topics covered as well as all the linked back to where the ideas and statistics came from. What you need to do is keep following the sources back to one that is credible.

For example, find a reference through a few different websites or blogs that leads to an article published in a reputable newspaper, book or journal and then you can use it. As long as you trace back each source, you should have your bases covered. For the most part, research like this does take time, but it's worth it to be so thorough. When you write your essay, you'll want the peace of mind that comes from knowing all your research is valid and that you can back up your position if anyone decides to challenge your opinion.

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