Comparing and Contrasting Cloze Task and Gap-Filling Task for Assessing Students' English Language Ability

A Cloze task refers to a grammatical procedure where certain words are excluded. These exclusions are made in consideration of the context of where the material has been extracted. This is done so as the reader can make sense of the text and fill in the missing words. The student is required to comprehend and come to terms with the context so that he or she can easily identify the deleted passages. Emphasis is placed on maintaining the meaning and the use of correct and appropriate grammar. This test procedure is mainly carried out to assess the ability of students in their mastery of English native language or English as second language training. Some Cloze assessments that use the last word deletion criteria do not evaluate reading capabilities convincingly.

A Gap fill task is also used in standardized grammar tests. Gaps are left out in passages for the candidate to fill them. This procedure has been practiced for a long time and is still a very prominent grammar testing practice. The student or trainee is required to fill up the gaps using words provided in a word bank. The student fills in the correct choice though there are other alternatives that the student may choose. The gap filling technique test the general language capabilities and listening techniques. The gap fill grammar test is easy to construct and formulate. It gives the student an easy time because he or she has a multiple choice to choose from. The Gap fill grammar test is similar to the Cloze task in a way that they require the student to identify the context of the passage. The difference between the two is that a Cloze task requires the student to read a passage and understand well in order to figure out the missing words.

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