Comparing leaders: Obama and Romney

Personal traits are of great importance when gearing up and choosing a good leader. However, of greater importance is the ability to show these traits to the to-be subjects. The ability to portray these traits to everyone else defines how virtuous you are not just as a person but with everyone else too. Mitt Romney and Barak Obama, being the subject at the moment, both might possess traits that might make them good leaders but the ability to show this to the people varies.

Obama is considered to have better people skills and can comfortably show what he is all about to the people. On the other hand Romney is not quite good at this. However it is to be noted that this doesn't necessarily make Obama the better candidate. Leadership depends on other traits other than appeal.

Both parties have different personalities. Romney is seen as an organized person. He has the facts and portrays the ability to make decisions readily. On a more personal level, he is seen as a person who likes to please people. A series of other personal traits, like the need to be liked, sums him up as an amiable person. Obama on the other hand is seen to be more of a risk taker and is more creative. His creativity is seen in his speeches; he is able to communicate effectively and seems to always have the right thing to say. He seems to be energetic, perhaps excessively. He also possesses the ability to push people towards his goals summing up his goal-oriented nature.

It is important to note that these two are worlds apart when it comes to defining their traits. This gives two very different possibilities when it comes to leadership. Obama's people skills and the fact that he brings something that is very different from the previous regimes creates the possibility of a president for the people, something that came up when he was running for the presidential seat for the first time. Romney on the other hand is seen as being business oriented and having hands-on knowledge of facts brings the possibility of a more economically oriented presidency.

In terms of who makes the better leader will depend on what traits one chooses to view. Both parties bring something completely different to the table in terms of both personal traits and professionalism and thus cannot be exactly measured on the same set of scales.

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