Pros and Cons of Your Essay Buying Decision

Not very many people, including college students, wake up in the morning excited about the prospect of writing an essay. Even English majors, whose entire field of study is devoted to reading and writing well, do not usually enjoy the process, especially if it is researched based. You have more than likely heard of services, both on and off-line, that offer to write essays or research papers for a price. And some students would argue why write a paper over a topic you know nothing about when you can pay someone else to do it? There are several pro's and con's to consider before choosing to buy your own essay.

The Choice

Let us take morals completely out of the equation and simply look at the facts. What should you take into consideration when deciding whether or not this option is right for you? The classic pro/con list should help us out a great deal.


You do not have to write it yourself. This comes in real handy if you are not a great writer or if you know nothing about the topic.

You might get a higher grade. If you are not an expert on your topic, and you can find someone else who is, they will probably write about it better than you would.

It frees up your time. Giving up one essay that you know you are not confident in may free up more time in your schedule to work on other subject. Or it may just give you more hang time with your friends. Both are equally important, right?


You may not get what you paid for. There is the possibility that the person you pay and are counting on to deliver an excellent essay may not be as talented as they claimed. In this case, you will have paid money and gotten a less than desired result, and bonus - you will be crunched for time to complete a new essay yourself. It might be a scam. Depending on the website you use, or the responsibility of the person you entrust with your essay, you may not get the essay on time, if at all.

You might get caught. Some professors - definitely not all - are sticklers on this sort of thing and have steps in their grading process to make sure you are not using online purchased essays. They may use a website that cross references with other written essays and you may discover that the essay you paid for is actually a form essay that this contracted writer has given to more than one student from different universities. Busted. At some universities, the penalty for this kind of offense could result in academic probation, or worse, expulsion from the school. Plagiarism and dishonest conduct when it comes to research is taken very seriously at the university level, and may not be worth the gamble.

It costs money. If you are already living on macaroni and cheese for dinner every night, buying an essay online may not even be something you can afford, especially for one that you can trust will be well written by a more trustworthy site.

Your Call

In the end, it is really up to you about whether or not the reward is worth the risk. Only you can observe your circumstances and decide if purchasing online essays is in your best interest. Do not forget, there are lots of available writing services online that can also help you fine tune your own work, and can help you with every step of the process. If you are struggling with what to do, look into hiring a writing coach. In the end, this could actually save you more money, because the skills you could learn through paying for someone to coach you through one paper might be cheaper than buying all of your required essays that you will surely be responsible for writing during your high school or college career.

Why do we help students

Years ago, we have all been college students too. We know how hard it is to combine campus and academic life and receive high marks for writing assignments at the same time. We also know that only a few students can afford to pay top dollar to have their papers written by professional custom writing companies. This resource is free and we hope you will polish your writing skills with our help.

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