What Are The Key Elements Of Writing A Song Analysis Essay

Writing a song analysis essay can be fun task. This might be the only homework task that requires you to listen to your favorite tracks over and over again. Your teacher might specify a genre or artist for you to choose a song. However, in most of the cases, they will leave the song selection to you. This will not be hard to choose a song for analyzing. You can choose one of your favorite tracks for analysis. This way you will not have to put in much effort. You will already be familiar with the lyrics of the song and the most of the composition part.

If you are to write a song analysis essay, you will have to divide your task in to several simple steps.

  1. The first step is to get a copy of the song and save it in your phone or mp3 player so that you can listen to it many times. Get accustomed to the song so that you can identify the beats, lyrics, pauses, and emotions in the song. Figure out whether you can identify a theme or message through the song or music. See whether you feel sad, happy, frustrated, or motivated when you listen to the song.

  2. Search the internet for the lyrics of the song. You can easily find them on any music site. Get a hard copy of the lyrics to observe them closely. You need to understand the meaning of these words from the songwriter's perspective. Some writers will use repetitive words in a chorus to show frustration or excitement, others might use the low toned words to show depression. You need prepare a list of all these words in the lyrics

  3. After you have the hard copy of the lyrics with meaningful notes, you need to listen to the song again and track those sounds. You need to have keen ears for low tones, pauses, and pitch differences, use of instruments and arrangement of the tempo to see the effect of these devices combined with the lyrics.

  4. Figure out whether the song has a historical background or social setup. Songs are a kind of art. The work of an artist is inspired by their circumstances, personal experiences, and social infrastructures. See if the artist has any special inspirations that reflect through his work.

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