Interesting Senior Thesis Topic

When you write your senior thesis you often have the freedom to write on any topic that you choose. Although, being able to select your own topic is appealing to many students, not being restricted also means that you have to choose between hundreds of potential topics. Try to Remember, that although it is on a subject of your choice, the senior thesis should be an argumentative paper, so you are going to want to choose an issue that can be defended in a debate. We recommend selecting a controversial topic, that will be easy to research and in which you can include your own insights and opinions.

The Purpose of A Senior Thesis Paper

The true definition of a Thesis is "A proposition that is maintained or defended with an argument." The reason that you are asked to write a thesis paper, is to demonstrate your ability to write in a persuasive fashion, and do research to defend your insights. For this reason when you approach you thesis paper, you want to invest your time in researching evidence that strongly supports your thesis statement. Essentially you are illustrating how you are capable of defending and maintaining a formal argument using research data that your have examined critically.

Examples of Senior Thesis Topics:

  • Should The Government Restrict Pornography With Laws?
  • What Impact does technology have on our culture?
  • Should Sex Education Be Taught In Schools?
  • Should Organ Donors Be Allowed To Select Who Gets Their Organs?
  • Should Abortion be illegal?
  • What are the ramifications of genetic engineering?
  • Should Sex and Violence on T.V be more limited?
  • Do Violent Video Games Create Violence in Children?
  • Should "creationism" be Accepted In The Public School System?
  • Should Beauty Contest for children be forbidden?
  • Does society Have An Obligation To Protect Individual Privacy, or Full-Disclosure For The Greater Good?

Choose Your Topic

The best way for a student to select a topic is to select a few options and do some brief research on each. You will want to be certain that there are enough resources to write a strong thesis paper. This is a great opportunity to explore a concept or idea that you feel passionate about or are interested in. Consider carefully a topic or issue that you have been curious about, perhaps that will make a great topic idea for your senior thesis.

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