Good Argumentative Essay Topics for College

As you begin college, you need to realize that your essays topics need to advance as you have. The topics tend to be more world and community related and less "you" related. You will need to do research and use credible databases to help yourself as you write these papers. Never wait until the last minute to write them. Always give your self a bunch of planning and research time. Here is a list of topics that might help you find an interesting and informative argumentative subject.

Topics for Argumentative Essays

  • Should college athletes be paid to play sports
  • Should the NCAA be allowed to monitor the personal life of the athletes
  • Is an Ipad school a good way for a student to learn
  • Is home schooling really a smart move
  • Could ISIS control the United States
  • Is Ebola any scarier than other infectious diseases
  • Should the United States keep out Ebola victims
  • Does the United States have a faulty grid structure that terrorist could take down
  • Should all studies be required to spend one semester studying abroad
  • What is wrong with the NFL and can it be fixed
  • Is there such a thing as global warming
  • Should be people be required to be green at home
  • How dangerous are modified and mutated plants and vegetables
  • Should health care be free for everyone
  • Should college be free for everyone who wishes to attend it
  • Should all US schools require a travel abroad gap year
  • Is terrorism on US soil a matter of when, not if
  • Is the sexual crime registration working for those convicted and released
  • Should school start later in the day when students are at their peaks
  • Is football too violent of a sport for high school students
  • Is the nutritional plan of Ms. Obama working for school age students
  • How successful or non-successful is Obama Care
  • Should prayer be said at high school and collegiate sporting events
  • Should voters have to show a form of identification to vote

Once you pick your argumentative essay topic, make sure you follow all the instructions, make an outline to follow, research and cite, and be prepared to write a final and a rough draft of your argumentative paper. Use the list above to help you pick a topic that you will love and that will be easy to work with as you research and write.

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