What is an Argumentative Essay?

Throughout the life of a student they will have to write many essays on many different topics; however, the nature these essays can differ considerably. One of these types of essays is an argumentative essay. Some essays try to inform, others try to establish a relationship and others are simply analysing the information that you put together.  An argumentative essay is trying to prove a point.

What is required with an argumentative essay?

The essay itself is quite simple, it is made up of an introduction outlining the arguing you wish to make; followed by the main body which discusses the arguments in more detail putting views across from both sides of the argument in an attempt to justify the stance that you are taking; and these are followed up by the conclusion, drawing together the rest of the essay into a logical ending to back up the original views expressed in the introduction.

How to back up the arguments in an argumentative essay

Obviously, throughout the rest of the essay you need to have various viewpoints, although these viewpoints do need to be associated with both sides. You will take a stance on one side or the other and attempt to use the viewpoints to back up the stance.  This means that you do need to have the opposing viewpoints so you can counteract them and essentially show what that the stance that you're taking is correct.

In order to put these views across you need to do substantial research to gather as much evidence as possible. The evidence can come in a variety of different forms; it could be research from past papers and literature which are analysed, it could be other research you gathered by interviews and surveys, you can even carry out experiments and include any other observations - so long as they are relevant to the views contained within the essay itself.

Is an argumentative essay meant to be objective or subject?

It can be easy to think, when you are arguing about something, they should be emotional and therefore subjective; however, this is the opposite of the case. An argumentative essay should be entirely objective and should avoid any emotional language. In order to argue the case effectively it needs to be objective, therefore, based on facts and well researched information that, if necessary, can be referenced. If you bring emotion into the argument then it can lose some of its validity and is not what is required of an argumentative essay.

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