How to compose an abortion research paper outline?

If you have to write the dreaded abortion essay you are going to need to put together an outline, first. So just how do you go about doing this? It's rather simple.

First, decide what you're going to research

You might decide to study the economic impact of abortion laws. You may decide to study the negative psychological effects abortion has on parents who decide to go through with it. You could also research the violent encounters that sometimes happen when pro-life and pro-choice groups collide in the streets.

No matter what you choose, you have to choose something. This provides the basis for the rest of your outline.

Keep Researching and Taking Notes

After you know what you want to research you need to start taking notes. Use 3x5 index cards. When you take a note just toss it into the pile with all of the other notes you've collected.

Once you have a nice stack of notes you can start to sort the cards in a logical order. It helps to get down on the floor and lay them all out when you do this.

You can then take the notes you wrote on these index cards and use them to form the first version of your outline. Here's a quick tip: on each note you should write the book from which you found the information as well as the page number so you can reference it again later. It will also make it easier for you to cite your sources.

Take a Break and Come Back to Your Outline

After you've first written your outline you should take a break. When you go away from the outline it will allow your mind to clear. When you come back to it you might be able to spot some errors in logic that you overlooked the first time.

To make sure your outline is flawless you should get together with another student. Ask them to allow you to explain the paper you want to write. Go through the outline step by step and explain each point to them. It isn't your fellow student's job to decide whether or not they agree with your statements. They are there only to help ensure that the order of information in your essay is going to make sense.

Follow these tips and you'll put together a fantastic essay on one of the most dreaded topics we ever have to write about - the abortion research paper.

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