A Summary of The Cask of Amontillado

In a short story entitled "The Cask of Amontillado", Poe illustrates how a character, Montresor, gets his vengeance on a friend who is said to not only injure him severally but also insulted him. The setting is in an unknown city in Italy and in an unspecified time. His main objective was to revenge without exposing his intention to anybody whatsoever.

The narrator, Montresor,during the festive season, encountered and lured his drunken friend Fortunato to accompany him to the place heset to carry out the vengeance without his knowledge. He told Fortunato that he had fine wine but was unsure as to whether it was Amontillado and that he wanted Fortunato to confirm the truth of its brand. He also made him want to be the one to taste the wine by expressly acknowledging his profound knowledge on wines whileoffering to give that chance to Luchesi whom Fortunato considered to be his rival and unknowledgeable about wines.

Montresor continued to engage Fortunato in conversations that would reinforce Fortunato's urge and surety of going to Montresor's vaults. He also made sure that nobody else was present in the vicinity by warning his workers not to leave for the festivities since he would be away for the night, knowing well aware that they would leave. He then expressed false concerns for Fortunato'sprobable engagements and acted worried that the cold from the dampness of the vaults would compromise Fortunato's health.Meanwhile, he used that opportunity to avail more wine to increase Fortunato's drunkenness, claiming that it would help reduce the cough from "nitre".

The drunken Fortunato was finally led to the trap. Montresor directed him to a hole in a catacomb where he speedily chained and locked him. His next move was to seal the entrance of the catacomb with a permanent wall. The truth of the death trap dawned on Fortunato and his intoxication levels quickly went down.While Montresor continued to build more layers of the wall, Fortunato wailed at length hoping his friend was joking and he would finally quit and they would go back to the "palazzo" together. As Montresor laid the last stone to seal the wall, Fortunato was left for dead and for fifty years, the catacomb was not disturbed.

In conclusion, Montresor managed to lure and revenge the supposed deeds of his friend by killing him. Given that the narration was done fifty years later, it is implied that nobody knew of Fortunato's sudden disappearance and that Montresor successfully did it discreetly.

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