Conducting a Solid Research Paper From Scratch

Writing a research paper takes much time and effort if it is to be done properly. There are many steps to writing a proper research paper. If the necessary time is put in the necessary steps are taken, the result will be a solid research paper.

Start with an idea

Every project needs a start. For a research paper, that start is a thesis. This is developed by expanding that idea into someone more unique that still is not near common knowledge and that will give the reader a new perspective.


Research happens throughout most of the process of essay writing. It begins after you have a general idea. You start with that general idea and gain information and as you develop your thesis, you focus the research more and make it more specific information. You also need to start developing your reference page and citations during this phase so that the reference page is accurate and all the sources used are represented and easily acceptable for further use.

Write an outline

Next, sort the ideas for the paper into sections to be discussed. This stage is also where you begin to write an introduction and summarize briefly the parts of your paper and sort your research into the different sections your developed. This outline becomes the "skeleton" of a paper.

The first draft

You expand the outline and put all the sections into proper sentences and paragraphs. The first draft is a rough idea of what you want your paper to be and as your thoughts further develop and after re reading drafts, further editing and development will occur. This is also where you start making in text citations and further deciding what research to use.


From the first draft to final paper, editing is necessary throughout the process. Reading your paper aloud multiple times assists in editing and finding mistakes. It also helps with developing your writing style and helping to make the paper sound the way you want it to. It is also wise to allow others to read and make corrections and find mistakes you weren't able to and give advice to help your paper look and sound more polished.

Allow for quiet time

You should always allow yourself a quiet place to write and read research. This quiet place should also be free of distractions to help with focusing. Writing a paper is an arduous task that takes a lot of time and should allow for many distractions and procrastination if it is to be done right.

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