10 Unique Persuasive Essay Topics for College Students

As you mature as a writer and as a student your topics should also mature. You should not be writing about junior high topics in college writing classes. However, there are times that you are so busy in college, it is hard to take the time for creative persuasive essay topics. The next time your professor assigns you a persuasive essay, consider using one of the following topics. Also, feel free to change up a topic, so it better suits you and your personality.

  • Should college athletes be paid or is their scholarship (with room and board) enough compensation?
  • Should the United States be involved in fighting ISIS. If so, should the United States military and other allies do more or do less than they are currently doing in the fight?
  • Should a national health care plan such as Obama Care be implemented in all countries or are those plans unconstitutional?
  • Should people be required to live a green life style and be fined if they do not recycle?
  • Are schools that use electronic textbooks, such as tablets or laptops, having more success that schools that use traditional textbooks?
  • Should certain minimum ages be lowered, such as the drinking age or the voting age?
  • If your child attends a private school while in grades 1-12, should you be given a reduction in taxes that you are obligated to pay since your child is not using any public school facilities and you must pay tuition for private school?
  • Has the NFL overstepped its boundaries by monitoring its player's personal lives, or is it a necessity in today's society?
  • Should all young drivers be required to take extra driving safety classes such as texting awareness classes?
  • Can a school legally access a student's personal electronic devices if they have evidence to indicate the child is involved in behavior detrimental to himself or others?

Use these topics to help you come up with a persuasive essay topic that you will enjoy using. If none of these topics appeal to you, do a search for hot or trending topics online. Look for a topic that interests you and one that you will enjoy writing about. Remember that you must support your argument with facts and data, not with emotions only. Always sue credible and valid sources as you do support your ideas in your persuasive paper.

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