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Succeeding in Academic Essay Writing

To a lot of people, it is an exasperating and maddening process to learn how to write an academic essay, but the truth is, it doesn't have to be that way. If you master the steps I'm going to show you, you are even going to have fun writing an academic essay in future.

  • Research. First up, you need to research your topic and make yourself an expert. There are a lot of resources you can refer to, including the internet, the library, and the academic databases. You need to immerse yourself in the great words while taking notes.
  • Analysis. Since you have got a good knowledge about your topic, now it's time to analyze the arguments in the essay you are going to write. Define your claims but don't forget to list the reasons and evidence. Look for both weakness and strengths of the logic.
  • Thesis. Brainstorm yourself and think of your insights for the essay. Now you need to pick one idea as your best, and it will be the main point. Make sure you sum it up in a concise sentence, so the readers will know the direction you are going.
  • Outline. Make a sketch of your essay before you write it out straight away. Use brief words to describe each paragraph and use bullet points for what you are about to put in each paragraph. Play with the structure of the essay and the orders of the contents.
  • Introduction, paragraphs, and conclusion. Now you sit down and write the academic essay. You need to grab readers' attention in the introduction. You also want to set up the issue and lead your readers into your thesis. Each paragraph needs to focus on a single idea supporting your thesis. You should begin a paragraph with a topic sentence and support the assertions with evidence. Use the most sensible and clearest way you can to expound your ideas. At the end, make a graceful exit by using a wrap-up sentence and some memorable thoughts. Maybe use an interesting twist of logic, or a quotation to leave your readers in deep thoughts.
  • Formatting and proofreading. Format your academic assay following the correct citation. MLA style is what's commonly used. After formatting the essay, it's time for you to polish your language and correct any mistakes.

Congratulations. Great job. Now you can happily move on with your life knowing that academic essay writing is no longer a tough chore for you.